A Very Frozen Birthday

Growing up in Texas has forever embedded the idea/expectation that when my birthday in early March arrives, so does spring. Over the years my family, friends, and I usually celebrated somewhere outside in 75° (sometimes 90°!) weather under a bright blue sunny sky. The daffodils and tulips would be in full bloom, and the fields around the highways would be lightly sprinkled with budding colors — announcing the soon to be sea of vibrant wildflower hues.

When I moved to DC I learned that spring usually only starts to show up in mid-April (sigh). I think all of my birthdays here have consisted of grey skies, super cold winds and slushy snow — all elements that drive me to stay burrowed inside under a warm blanket, dreaming about those warm Texas-spring days. But this year something so “winter wonderland-like” happened, even I couldn’t stay inside…

An ice storm!


Jordan on ice!


Some wonderful friends and I ventured out to find a place open for dinner. It was easier to walk on the frozen snow than on the slick sidewalks…


Sakina and Dan hanging out with some b-icicles! 

© Allie Nambo