Texas Trip

Earlier in June I took a quick trip down to Texas to visit my family. Although I got super sick and was stuck in bed for half of the trip (and then some back in DC — it was terrible…eek!), I had a wonderful time before that visiting some of my favorite people and places back home.


My sister’s dog, Boss — who inspired Boss Barks — always welcomes me with a wagging-tail and a big kiss. He’s intrigued with me and my luggage for about 5 minutes, then it’s back to following my niece around or looking out the window for squirrels.


My cousins, aunt and uncle’s place in Ft. Worth is one of my all-time favorite spots. Everything is so open out there and there’s always a lovely breeze.


They also have a pool — perfect remedy to a hot summer day!




I first met three of these longhorns when I was about 5 years old — woaah these guys live a long time!


Bree checking out the cows.


Texas wildflowers!


Saying goodnight to the sun.

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