DC’s Snowzilla

The snowstorm that hit DC in late January was in the top five DC storms of all time! During my first winter here I got to experience “Snowmageddon” (also in the top 5 — it shut down the city for 4 days!), so I’ve been expecting something similar during the winters in-between. This winter, “Snowzilla” didn’t disappoint!

During the first day the snow was still coming down and the wind was pretty strong at times, so we stayed pretty close to the house. But later that night we decided to hike down to the Lincoln Memorial to watch the sunrise with friends. At that time there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, so the view wasn’t as epic as this sunrise that we all witnessed earlier this summer — but still so amazing with all of the snow! We left around 5 am and made it down just in time to welcome the sun.


After the snow-adventures, Sammie was all about the warm cuddles.

© 2016 Allie Nambo