Branding and exhibition design collateral created for NEXT 2012,  a thesis exhibition of graduating Corcoran BFA and MA students.

One of the junior designers of the Design Lab team responsible for developing the brand identity and producing the design collateral for NEXT 2012. I specifically focused on the visual identity, invitation and rack card.

NEXT 2012 is a merit winner of the 14th Annual HOW Interactive Design Awards.



Our design concept, “interweaving connections,” refers to how individuals interact, interweave, and intersect to create a unified community and networking system. The students of the Corcoran make up this community. This concept is best exemplified with simple pieces of string, with each string representing an individual. The path of the string mirrors the journey we take as artists and students during our four years at the Corcoran. As the strings overlap and converge they create a network that unifies us despite our differences in style, medium, and methods of expression. At the same time, the web it forms connotes the creative thought process that we as artists experience.

Logo Process




Rack Card


Exterior Graphics


Interior Graphics


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