Created for Corcoran’s NEXT 2013 senior thesis exhibition.
Large (24″ x 24″) prints with accompanying take-aways about each pattern.
Corcoran Gallery of Art, May 2013



I am interested in patterns that have developed a meaning over time. All originating from the natural elements that surround our environment, each of the eight patterns presented carry a distinct persona that changes the design’s message when used. Whether they are simple organic lines, geometric shapes or even a cross-stitch within a complex embroidery, each element within these patterns cannot stand alone and carry the same message. Through various placements, scale, and color applied to each element within the patterns, an intricate design and distinct meaning is created.


The stark white space represents the design’s message. As each pattern is placed in this space the message of the design changes depending on the pattern used within it. From geometric tessellations and intricate tile designs, to fashionable textile patterns derived from nature’s design to blend — each pattern presents a different perceptual message.





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